Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Denver Cannabis Cup 2015

Denver Cannabis Cup 2015

  The Adventures Of Superstoner hits Denver Cannabis Cup again!  Last year we launched our first issue of Superstoner at Denver Cannabis Cup, we've had a good year since our launch, went to a few Comic Cons, did some art shows, sold some comic books online and other big events like our Artist Chipp having his first baby boy with his lovely gal Izzy.  Also Chipp just opened a new Tattoo Shop in Tempe, Az. called Colossus Tattoo! check them out on Instagram! Colossus Tattoo Tempe Az.  
  This year my girl Mo and I attended the Cup together and met up with some friends to get high and check out all the awesome festivities the Cannabis Cup had to offer. 

  Day 1, Saturday.  The day started a 4am, woke up, got ready, had that 4:20am dab hit, then headed to the airport to catch our 6am flight to Denver.  We arrived in Denver and checked out the infamous art work at the Denver Airport while we waited for our car to arrive.  We used a service called Relay Rides, which I highly recommend, we saved a bunch of money using this service instead of renting a car, look into it!  After we received our Relay Car we headed to the closest dispensary near our hotel.  We found ourselves at a place called The Green Solution, which had a line leading out to the parking lot.  We got in line and ended up waiting about an hour before we received our recreational marijuana, they even hooked us up with some free edibles and a gram of their Cannabis Cup entry Cindy White.  After that we headed toward the Cup.  We had media passes and were able to enter the Cup a hour before the general public.  I ran into Bobby Black from High Times and was able to give him a comic, I also ran into 2014 Miss High Times Jessie and gave her a comic as well, I hope they like it!  The rest of the day was spent roaming the Cup, grabbing cool free gear, checking out beautiful buds and glass, smoking joints and blunts, and taking dabs!  By the end of the first day, Mo and I were exhausted and hungry!  We grabbed some drive thru and headed back to the hotel, ate, smoked again, then passed out.

  Day 2, Sunday.  The next morning we woke up early, wake and baked, hit up the hotel's continental breakfast, got ready, then headed to the Cup for another fun filled day!  We arrived at the Cup around 10am,  there was a big storm that hit over night and the outdoor section of the Cup looked like a riot had happen.  There was shelves and cases knocked over, banners and tents ripped to shreds, the place was a wreck.  They delayed to opening of the Cup that day to 1pm instead of Noon, to give the vendors time to clean and reset their booths, the Fire Marshals also needed to do an inspection as well.  But, it wasn't bad for us, we got to go around again checking out the booths without huge crowds of people around, talk to a few of the vendors, and even took a few special dab hits.  After the crowd was let in I met with a few buddies who were also attending the cup.  The second day was mostly spent walking around, giving away stickers, shirts and comics, talked to a few vendors about my comic, and of course joints, blunts and dabs!  I ran into High Times Editor Rick Cusick and took a picture with him, we talked for a bit, and I gave him a comic.  I met two nice girls who wanted to take part in the Instagram Giveaway I was doing.  Take a picture with Andy the Writer, post on Instagram, tag @officialsuperstoner and win Superstoner Prizes!  I smoked a joint with a cool dude I met from Minnesota, he called it a Tarantula, a joint dipped in oil then rolled in kief.  Dank!!!  I also ran into Peter Dante from Grandma's Boy, was able to get a picture with him and gave him a comic too.  After the Cup Mo, our friend Cory and myself wanted to take in some Denver, We went to have a beer and a burger at a nice place called Cherry Cricket, delicious burgers!  After the meal we wanted to go check out a local smoking lounge, but unfortunately Mo lost her phone and wallet, luckily it was found by some nice people and we were able to get everything back.  We went back to our buddy's hotel to get high and watch Game Of Thrones.  Cory was staying at a hotel called the Double Tree, which was an awesome place, they had two smoking tents in the parking lot for their guests.  We went in there to do a dab and smoke a blunt before Game Of Thrones started...  It was a party in there! 5 dab hits and 8 blunts later we stumbled out and made it back to the room in time for the show.  We will be staying at The Double Tree next year for sure!

  Day 3, Monday, 4/20 2015.  Woke up early, had a toke, a coffee and a quick breakfast, then headed to The Green Solution dispensary to pick up some more smoke before the lines got huge.  When we got there we found out that their Cannabis Cup entry Cindy White had won the People's Choice Award! So we grabbed a few grams of that and got hooked up with more free edibles, then it was off to the Cup for the last and best day, 4/20 2015!  Day 3 was mainly about capturing video for me, I wanted to get as much as I could.  The day was beautiful! perfect weather and blue skies!  We got in early again, made the rounds, got some good video of the booths, took some dabs and smoked some blunts.  We spent a lot of the day hanging out at the VIP tent on 4/20, they had free food and drinks, and tons of cool Raw giveaways.  We sat down at a table and were immediately welcomed by the other guests sitting at the table.  I started to roll a blunt and was bombarded by blunts, joints and pipes being passed all around the table.  I got stupid high and had great conversation with cool people from all over the country and from all walks of life.  I was able to meet the new Miss High Times Dani Greenfox, got a picture with her and gave her a comic.  The weather was perfect, the Cup was in full effect and I was feeling great.  We decided to go back out to the general  public area and take part in all the awesomeness that is The Denver Cannabis Cup on 4/20 2015!  When 4:20 hit on 4/20 the crowd was engulfed in clouds.  I was giving out stickers and throwing out shirts, everyone was passing blunts and joints around, celebrating marijuana and all the good it does and can do for us!  After we left the Cup we went back to the room to chill and plan another attempt at taking in The Denver life.  We went to a sweet little bar/pizza joint called The Bar Car Denver Deep Dish, good food, good beer, great service!  After dinner we wanted to check out some smoking lounges.  We went to a place called Potus, but found out it was a members only club that had a secret knock to get in.  We went to another place called iBake, which was a cool place, but was way packed so we didn't end up hanging there.  We decided to head back to the Double Tree tents to smoke up the rest of our weed and wax, because we wouldn't be able to  take it on the plane with us.  I really enjoyed hanging at the Double Tree tents, everyone there was from out of town and super friendly, it was cool to talk to people and hear about their Cannabis Cup experience.  
  The next morning we smoked two joints before we got on the plane to head home.

  My overall experience of The 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup was great!  Last year we had a booth and it was hard to get away and enjoy the Cup.  This year I had a great time walking around, meeting people, and seeing all the awesome booths.  This years Cup was way bigger than last year, another thing I noticed was there was way more flower booths this year compared to last year, last year was all about dabs.  I thought it was nice to see more beautiful flowers on display this year, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good dab, but I still love the taste and smell of a good bud.  
  I hope you enjoyed the tale of my Denver 2015 Cannabis Cup experience  and please check out our newly updated website!!!  Thank you for your support!

-Andy, Writer of Superstoner  

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Adventures Of Superstoner Issue #2 Kickstarter!

The Adventures Of Superstoner Issue #2

  Marijuana! Strippers! Cocaine! And A Hip-Hop Icon?!?! Get ready for the next action packed issue of The Adventures of Superstoner!
  After a profitable harvest, Superstoner decides to treat the boys to a night at the strip club! Superstoner scores a date with a stripper, and takes her to see a Hip-Hop Icon... Only to find out, dating a stripper isn't as fun as it sounds!

  We are back on Kickstarter!  Round 2!   We are going to give it another shot!  Our goal is to reach the funding we will need to print and promote the next issue of The Adventures Of Superstoner.  We need to print comics, posters, stickers and flyers.  We also will use the funding to put a down payment on a booth at The Southern California Cannabis Cup 2015 in Feburary for our Issue #2 Launch.  With the money made, we want to keep the momentum going and invest in participating at more large events like Hemp Fests, Art Shows, Future Cannabis Cups, And maybe even San Diego Comic Con!
  Unfortunately we did not fund our last Kickstarter Project,  but we were lucky enough to scrape up some money on our own to print a few comics and other cool merch, and got a small booth at Denver Cannabis Cup 2014.  We did pretty good! Broke even on the booth fee at least!  After travel expenses, we used what was left to re-up on comics, stickers and flyers and planned our next move.  We tried to get into some comic cons, But you have to be quick, they fill up fast!  We heard about Las Vegas Amazing Comic Con last June, we couldn't get a booth, but we thought it would be good idea to go and mingle with the other comic artists and writers.  We went and had a great time!  Handed out stickers, flyers and some comics, took pictures, met cool people.  Made our presence known!
  During the rest of the summer we set up little tables at local art shows, and passed out flyers at local medical marijuana farmer's markets.  
  For the last couple months we have been working on Issue #2!  Chipp is hard at work finishing up Superstoner #2, and Andy has been hard at work trying to get this information to You!  Hopefully with your help, we can make it!  The Adventures Of Superstoner is 100% creator owned and managed, everything from art and writing, to distribution and social media promoting.  We even made the Kickstarter Video on our phones.  That was Fun!
  We have had struggles as well.  The comics sell ok at small events, but for us, t-shirts were a bad idea, they were the most expensive piece of merchandise we invested in, and they don't sell well.  We've considered them a loss and now use them for promotional giveaways!  Also, our internet sales are very sporadic, So we have plenty of comics and posters to sell!
  I feel with the ups and downs of the last year, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn't.  And with your help! We can kick off Superstoner Issue #2 with a Bang!  We did great at Denver Cannabis Cup last April, and with Comic Con Season right around the corner, If we can get a Kick Ass start, we can use that momentum to take us to the next Denver Cannabis Cup in April and maybe even San Diego Comic Con in July!
  We hope you can help us with our project, Thank you for taking the time to check out our Blog!  Please Check Out Our Kickstarter Project The Adventures Of Superstoner Issue #2!  Thank You again! Get High On Laughter with Superstoner! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Stoner Moments with Superstoner and Bud: Stoner's Best Friend

Stoner Moments with Superstoner and Bud: Stoner's Best Friend

  Have you ever taken a hit so good you just had to pass it, only to realize the you've been holding a joint in your dog's face for the last 2 minutes?  I've done that plenty of times!  Sometimes... When you don't have anyone to smoke with, Your best bud is always at your side!  

  I've had lots of good dogs in my life.  The first dog I started getting high with was when I was 16, with our family dog Stinky.  I would roll a joint and watch some TV and little Stinky would come lay down next to me and enjoy the smokey area around me.  I swear that dog loved Bob Marley, would come running everytime I put him on!  
  Our current dog Chunk is not a big fan of the smoke, he usually lays in the hallway while we partake. Our other dog Britian on the other hand loves it!  Britain is an old chihuahua who loves being around the smoke and getting pet. Then usually taking a good doggy nap!  Chunk is a pitbull, chow mix, he's a cuddeler and loves to play.  We love our Dogs!

    How long have you held out a joint to your dog?  What do you and your dog do when you're high?  Share your doggy Stoner Moments with us!  Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog!  Stay tuned, the next issue of Superstoner is in the works! Stay High!

-Andy "The Writer"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Superstoner Issue #1 Preview

4 Page Preview of Superstoner Issue #1

  "The Adventures of Superstoner" is not your ordinary comic book.  Superstoner is just a regular dude living the stoner dream!  Working at a head shop, playing video games and growing plants... Until one day...  Meth-Man moves into the neighborhood and sets up an "Operation" of sorts.  Fed up with the tweekers overrunning his neighborhood, Superstoner decides to take care of business!
  Join Superstoner on his hilarious adventures, and take a "Smoke Break" with him as he educates you with informative and fun facts about Marijuana, and the other themed drug, featured in every issue.
  Don't let the name "Superstoner" fool you!  This is not another Marijuana Themed Super Hero.  "The Adventures of Superstoner" is comedic satire in comic book form.  Now more than ever the demand for legal marijuana is at an all time high.  "The Adventures of Superstoner" is meant to appeal to marijuana enthusiasts, so they can share something informative and funny with their friends and family.
  I wrote "The Adventures of Superstoner" because I wanted to bring a new goofy and relatable character into the comic book world, influenced by the classic drug culture comics of the 60s and 70s, such as "The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers", "Fritz the Cat" and "Zap Comix".
  Check out our Website! We can use your support!  Thank you for taking the time to check us out!

-Andy "The Writer"
  Artwork by Chipp


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stoner Moments: Bong Water!

Stoner Moments: Bong Water!

  Nothing worse than spilling bong water on the carpet!  What can you do in this situation?  Most of time we panic about the smell and try to scrub it out with dish soap, spray it down with Febreeze or pet stain cleaner, Which can usually make things worse!  Best thing to do is stay calm, lightly sweep up the resin crumbs, avoid mashing resin into the carpet, then grab an old towel and lay it on top of the spill. Press down on the spill to absorb the dirty water, remember don't scrub! After that you can use some white vinegar to pour over the spill to help remove the odor, let the vinegar soak in a little, then you're going to want to use warm water to wash away the vinegar. After that, use another dry old towel to lay over the water and press down to absorb, again don't scrub, when you're done with that, powder over the spill area with baking soda. Let the baking soda sit and dry, then use a vacuum to clean up the powder.  Depending on how old the bong water was, you might want to use a steam cleaner.  I hope this information can help you in the future. The more you know!

  Have you or anyone you know ever drank bong water?   I personally have never drank bong water, but I do remember a time, Back when I was a young Stoner, I was at a back yard punk rock gig, I had a nice bong I would travel around with. Again, a young stoner, this particular night we decided to use Jack Daniel's for bong water, most of the time we would use beer, Which is fun too!  Smoking with JD bong water is pretty intense!  You can feel the alcohol vapors while you inhale.  We must have smoked at least 10 bowls out of it! After a while we got tired of the intensity and decided to switch to good old H2O. Right before I was about to pour out the dirty JD, a guy from the session asked, "You're just gonna pour out that Jack?". I replied, "What? You wanna drink it?". He said, "Yeah!" and to that I said, "It's all yours!" We gathered around and cheered him on while he chugged the bong JD.  He immediately puked after that!  As we were leaving later that night, we noticed him passed out in the bushes.  He must of had a great night!  

  Do you have any bong water cleaning tips?  Do you have a funny bong water drinking story? Share them with us!  Tell us about your Stoner Moments!  Thank you for taking the time to check out The Superstoner Blog!  Check out our website, Support Superstoner!!!

  -Andy "The Writer"
Artwork by Chipp "The Artist"

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Andy "The Writer" and Master Jedi Ras: An Elegant Weapon Episode CX

Andy "The Writer" and Master Jedi Ras: An Elegant Weapon Episode CX

Andy "The Writer" and Master Jedi Ras talk about Cannabis Cup, Comic Cons, The New Star Wars Movie and The Next Issue of Superstoner on the latest episode of An Elegant Weapon!  CHECK IT OUT!!!

An Elegant Weapon Podcast

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stoner Moments with Superstoner and Bud!

Stoner Moments with Superstoner and Bud

  We've all been there, the dog getting a little too excited and knocking the bong off the table...  Hopefully it didn't break and all you had to do was clean up some bong water!  I know at least every dog I've ever had has knocked over the bong by accident.  Never any hard feelings toward the dog.  How can you stay mad at that puppy face!  Tell us about your Stoner Moments! 
  Chipp and I are working on a new Superstoner side project. We want to take common stoner moments, we've all experienced, and do a funny comic strip about it. A nice, short 1 to 4 frame strip we can put out once a month.  We thought this would be a great way to start our Stoner Moments project.
  We got this idea from a nice couple we met at the Denver Cannabis Cup.  Turns out we don't live far from each other! We met with Lefty and is wife Jay for lunch to talk about a possible collaboration with, a Medical Marijuana Internet Directory.  Chipp and I sat down with them and stared small talk... After an hour of great conversation and getting to know each other, we got down to talking some business.  They asked us if we would like to be part of their monthly newsletter, and if we can produce a comic strip they can use every month.  They also mentioned it would be good free advertising for us!  Chipp and I thought it would be a great way to get our work out there, so we agreed!
  Stay tuned for next months Stoner Moments and be sure to sign up for the MedLeaves News Letter!
Thank You
  -Andy "The Writer"